Business Process Outsourcing

Leveraging best practices obtained from years of experience, we offer an array of innovative service offerings that deliver measurable business value to customers. This not only helped us differentiate ourselves from other outsourcing vendors, but also made us the ‘partner of choice’ for globally-leading companies, for their outsourcing needs.

  • - Administrative Backoffice (Contracting, Invoicing, Billing)
  • - Document management and paperless services
  • - Clients and polices manager
Contact center
  • - Technical Assistance
  • - Trouble ticketing and complaints
  • - Customer Care
  • - Telemarketing
Massive Operation
  • - Digitization and cataloging
  • - Printing and mailing
  • - Telematic services
  • - Tracking
Performance and Independent Testing

Performance Engineering and independent Testing is a dedicated horizontal business unit with years of experience, to ensure all customers’ "Non-Functional (NF) Testing" needs, such as response time SLAs, scalability, availability, reliability etc. Our multi-skilled, expert team from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from performance testers, performance monitoring, performance consultants, NF testers, analysts, developers, application support, database administrators, and COTS experts focused on Performance Engineering aspects in this delivery unit.

Independent Testing Services
  • - Test Consulting
  • - Testing Transformation Framework
  • - Test Process Improvement
  • - Domain-centric Testing Services
  • - Technology-centric Services (SOA, SaaS-based, Agile, ERP, Embedded, Interoperability, Security)
  • - Business Process Outsourcing
  • - Cloud computing
  • - Performance and Indipendent Testing
Enterprise Architecture

We offer consulting and implementation services in the Enterprise Architecture space. We have a dedicated team that promotes adoption of various Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodologies & tools, and enhancement of consulting and technical competence for providing best-of- breed services.

Our Enterprise Architecture Practice is spearheaded by an Enterprise Architecture Steering Council that brings together consultants, architects and sales teams from diverse industry verticals. The Practice also brings together the competency teams across the organization, to provide the EA services. Leveraging our ICT leadership, implementation excellence and industry expertise, we can solve the complex business problems faced by our customers.

  • - Insurance
  • - CPG, Retail
  • - Energy & Utilities
  • - Banking & Financial Services
  • - Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Core Infrastructure

The Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization (Core IO) model can help customers understand and strive for a more secure, well-managed and dynamic core IT infrastructure that can reduce the overall IT costs, make better use of IT resources, and make IT a strategic asset.

Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization

Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization (BPIO) model includes capabilities of Unified Communications, Enterprise Content Management and Business Intelligence. These capabilities capture concerns that are high on customer agenda - both from an IT and a business perspective. It helps businesses with better insight increased responsiveness.

Application Platform Optimization (APO)

Application Platform Optimization (APO) Model helps drive business by quickly delivering connected, flexible and highly secure applications. It contains five capabilities: User Experience, SOA & Business Process, Data Management, Development and Business Intelligence